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Outbreaker Solutions antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces intrigues salt therapists

May 27, 2020

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Brayden Whitlock, co-founder and Director of Research at Outbreaker Solutions discussed the ways in which salt destroys a pathogen at the Salt Therapy Association webinar "The Science Between Salt Therapy and COVID-19". Whitlock discussed the principle of recrystallization of salt to a group of experts including Leo Tonkin, Founding Director for the Association, Dr. Robert G. Penn, Infectious Disease Specialist and Jean Kardell, Registered Nurse.


Recrystallization of salt is considered to be one of the many ways in which salt kills bacteria. Research has shown that a tiny amount of salt gets dissolved when bacteria or viruses touch the salt surface and immediately solidifies. This solidification step creates sharp shards of salt that physically tear apart bacteria, viruses and fungi, thus effectively killing them.

Recrystallization happens instantaneously, decreasing the time of action for salt to seconds.

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