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The Invention Story

Doug Olson, Inventor


Doug grew up in Starbuck, Manitoba, just southwest of Winnipeg, and got a job at the local butcher shop when he was thirteen.  He worked after school and on Saturdays, and was interested enough in the profession to acquire post-secondary training in meat cutting after high school.  This provided Doug with an extensive knowledge on controlling harmful microorganisms and started him on the path to developing Outbreaker.


After starting out as a high school student in a butcher shop, Doug worked his way up to managing a large meat processing facility.  Doug was no stranger to the preservative effects of salt on meat.  He gained even more experience and knowledge of the field when he started a big game hunting outfitting business, called Trophy Stalkers, that used salt to preserve hides and capes.  Doug’s experience with using salt to control bacteria and his problem-solving nature led him to come up with a brilliant solution to the well-known problem of hand to hand microbial transmission.


Countless others have tried in the past to kill microbes on surfaces, but the solutions they came up with always included some kind of harsh chemicals or expensive materials.  Doug was able to solve this problem for good in 2010, when he began developing Outbreaker.  Thanks to his background and ingenuity, we now have the only antimicrobial surface that is absolutely effective, all natural, safe, and affordable.

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