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Efficacy Testing
Compressed sodium chloride has undergone extensive efficacy testing

About Outbreaker Solutions


Outbreaker Solutions is an Edmonton, Alberta based biotechnology company who have developed a novel antimicrobial touch surface that is made of compressed sodium chloride (CSC). Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces are the fastest acting antimicrobial surface in the world and is patented in Canada and the United States.


These touch surfaces can be retro-fitted on existing hardware such as, door handles, railings, armchair rests, hospital bedrails. They can also be crafted and manufactured as per specifications. There are very few limitations where Outbreaker antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces can be installed. Where there is a need to keep surfaces clean and communities safe, our touch surfaces made of regular table salt can be installed. ​ 

Why CSC is Unique

Outbreaker antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces provides a continuous antimicrobial effect against different types of germs including bacteria, virus and fungi. It is an extremely simple yet highly versatile product, being made of sodium chloride or regular table salt.









Our competitive advantage is in our Four Pillars of CSC:






Antimicrobial CSC is the fastest acting ​antimicrobial surface in the world. It works in seconds to eliminate majority of harmful pathogens from commonly touched surfaces. Outbreaker touch surfaces are scientifically proven to decrease living bacteria in 5 seconds in comparison with copper and stainless steel.


The active ingredient in these touch surfaces is sodium chloride or regular table salt. Salt has been registered and approved as a safe ingredient by FDA and Health Canada. Salt is also safe for the environment. Outbreaker touch surfaces are a sustainable and clean alternative to harmful toxic cleaners.


Sodium chloride is one of the most easily available raw materials. It is also very affordable and provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive antimicrobial cleaners. It is abundantly available in the environment and is extremely easy to work with. Outbreaker touch surfaces are a super easy alternative to difficult to access antimicrobial products.


Antimicrobial CSC can be easily installed and does not require any intensive training. It is self-sanitizing and does not require extensive maintenance. Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces save you time and money in comparison to other antimicrobial products. 

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