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Frequently Asked Questions: Research

How do these touch surfaces work?

Compressed sodium chloride is essentially regular salt that has been compressed into a smooth ceramic-like touch surface. It is antimicrobial and helps to fight the spread of harmful germs like bacteria, virus and fungi. Sodium chloride works through denaturation, dehydration and recrystallization.

What germs do the touch surfaces protect from?

The touch surfaces have been found to work against harmful disease-causing bacteria, virus and fungi. Research has shown sodium chloride is effective on Methicillin resistant Staphyllococcus aureus (MRSA), Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli, Candida auris, influenza virus, and many others.

How does touching the touch surface help to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens?

When a person touches the touch surface, they transfer harmful germs they are carrying in their hands onto it. It is antimicrobial and kills germs that touch it almost instantaneously. Thus, the touch surfaces help to prevent the spread of infectious germs.

How fast acting is the surface in killing germs? 

The touch surfaces show almost instantaneous action when tested with virus, bacteria and fungi. The majority of the germs are killed within the first few seconds of contact, and the surface is almost sterile within five minutes. Check out our research publications to learn more.

How does salt kill germs?

Salt kills germs by physically tearing them apart through brute force. Salt also draws out the moisture from the cells which stops them from growing and reproducing. Salt can also destroy the cellular machinery of the germs and make them dysfunctional. Learn more about the three processes here.

How long with the antimicrobial effect last?

The touch surface is made of 100 per cent pure salt. Sodium chloride is compressed with high pressure to form this touch surface. It is not a coating that requires maintenance or replacement. It will continue to provide antimicrobial action for many years. 

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