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Competitive advantage

Antimicrobial CSC is the best antimicrobial surface in the world

Matt Hodgson, BComm, MBA

Co-founder | Director of Business Development

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Matt is one of the Co-Founders of Outbreaker Solutions. Matt’s early experience with business development involved taking products from conceptualization through prototype and into commercialization.


Matt completed both his Bachelor of Commerce and MBA from the University of Alberta School of Business. Matt's business development background includes everything from sales and distribution to business valuation and M&A activities.

Matt's pastimes include listening to a number of podcasts and previously hosting a podcast before everyone in the world had a podcast. Plus, for some reason, Matt only started watching the Food Network 2 years ago and now watches just about every single show. 

Brayden Whitlock, BSc, JD, PhD

Co-founder | Director of Research

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Brayden is a cell biologist, biotech lawyer, and Co-Founder of Outbreaker. He focuses on research, regulations, and product development. He completed his undergraduate work focusing on cell biology and pharmacology, and then pursued PhD (cell biology) and JD degrees simultaneously. This education path placed him in a perfect position to understand the research and regulatory challenges of biotech companies. He has published academic work in membrane proteins, toxicology, and antimicrobials.


Brayden frequently writes opinion pieces about the law and academic freedom for various newspapers and magazines. He has founded or co-founded a peer-reviewed journal, a science communication NGO, and other community service organizations.


In his spare time, he runs around in the Alberta Rockies and BC Coast Mountains.

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