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BioAlberta Success Stories: Boosting Biotech

November 1, 2021

Outbreaker Emma Li.jpg

Well-seasoned Engineering Student Gets New Business Experience at Innovative Biotech Company Outbreaker Solutions

"If there was ever a time to market a revolutionary anti-microbial product specifically purposed to stop the spread of germs and pathogens on public surfaces, it’s now. This is exactly what the Edmonton-based team at Outbreaker Solutions has their hands on; literally. Their surface-like products look to replace traditional touch spots such as metal door handles and consist of a highly-condensed, surprisingly simple primary ingredient, salt.

Hodgson and his team applied for the Boosting Biotech Internship program to hire on a student for the winter semester of 2021. An initiative built to help small to medium sized biotech companies bring on new students, the internship program is a collaborative funding approach by BioAlberta and Innovative Medicines Canada. Through this program, they found fourth-year materials engineering student Emma Li who was keen to take on the role and expand her education horizons from engineering into the world of business development."

For more information, contact:

Matt Hodgson


Outbreaker Solutions


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