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The Latest in Biotech is... Salt?!

March 29, 2021

Lance Johnson interviews Matt Hodgson, Co-Founder of Outbreaker Solutions, in this two-part episode of Amplify Your Business, a live web series by Amplomedia. 

In part one of the episode, Matt and Lance discuss the science and efficacy of Antimicrobial Compressed Sodium Chloride, the technology behind Outbreaker Solutions. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on business is also covered alongside the opportunities it has brought. "Before the pandemic, we met with the City [of Edmonton] to explore ways in which the City could support their innovation as a local startup. We also met with ETS [Edmonton Transit Service] who displayed a keen interest in forming a pilot together, but not immediately - until the pandemic started."

Lance provides valuable marketing insights and words of advice including account-based marketing strategies in part two of the episode:

Part two:

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