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Antimicrobial CSC Touch Surfaces


Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC is a patented, self-sanitizing, antimicrobial touch surface made of compressed sodium chloride (CSC). This solid, durable, versatile surface can be installed on anything frequently touched by hands.


It is made by a specialized compression process that turns simple, safe and non-toxic regular table salt into a ceramic-like smooth touch surface. This simple new product is amazingly effective against different types of harmful germs, including bacteria, virus and fungi

Fast, Effective & Affordable Prevention

Scientific research has proven the antimicrobial effects of Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC. Laboratory experiments have shown these Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces to kill between 99.9 % of common germs like E. coli and Salmonella in just one minute.

Antimicrobial CSC is also extremely effective against drug resistant superbugs like Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus (VRE). 

Our Latest Published Research

Scientific Reports Paper_Snapshot.jpg
Roche win image.jpg

Bloomberg Press Release

Outbreaker Solutions' antimicrobial CSC was declared a winner in the Roche Canada COVID-19 Open Innovation Challenge

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University of Alberta Folio Magazine

Outbreaker Solutions partnered with the University of Alberta to test antimicrobial CSC against viruses including COVID-19

Featured Blogs

Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC kills bacteria in 5 seconds

Novel Research


Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC is the most effective antimicrobial surface as compared to other surfaces which take significantly longer to act. Research has shown how Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces work faster than any other antimicrobial product including copper.

5 Seconds - CSC-Steel-Copper.jpg
Outbreaker Solutions, Nature Scientific Reports

Live bacteria were added to stainless steel, antimicrobial copper, and CSC surfaces and left in contact for 5 sec. After 5 sec, the bacteria that survived the contact were visualized by growing them in the laboratory.

Results show CSC kills almost all bacteria in 5 seconds, while stainless steel and antimicrobial copper retains many living bacteria.

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