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Antimicrobial Touch Surfaces And Their Uses

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

What is an antimicrobial touch surface?

An antimicrobial can be defined as anything that works against germs. They act either by killing the germs or by slowing down their growth. They are not to be confused with antibiotics, which are medicines prescribed by a doctor for curing infectious diseases, mostly caused by disease-causing bacteria. Antimicrobials can be of different types and include alcohol-based sanitizers, UV lamps or nanoparticle-based coatings.

An antimicrobial touch surface is a surface that has germ-killing properties. These are commonly touched surfaces that kill germs upon contact.


What are the types of antimicrobial touch surfaces?

There are two main types of antimicrobial touch surfaces:

  • Permanent antimicrobial touch surfaces: These surfaces are made of germ-killing substances and do not need any treatment to be effective. They continue to act for a long time. They are permanently antimicrobial and do not lose efficiency over time. They are also low-maintenance and environment-friendly. They provide a long-lasting antimicrobial action and do not require extensive maintenance. There are only three permanent antimicrobial touch surfaces in the world: copper, silver and compressed sodium chloride.

  • Temporary antimicrobial touch surfaces: These surfaces are coated with chemical additives to make them semi-permanently antimicrobial. In many cases, surfaces are made antimicrobial by grafting or polymerizing chemical additives onto a hard surface. Several of these chemical additives are nanomaterial-based and include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, copper, silver, and even gold nanoparticles. They require expensive maintenance and re-applications to maintain their effectiveness over time.


What are the benefits of installing antimicrobial touch surfaces?

  1. Safety from the transfer of germs through touch: Many germs get transferred through touch, which can be prevented by installing these touch surfaces in commonly touched areas.

  2. Continuous germ-killing action: The permanent antimicrobial touch surfaces like Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC and copper work non-stop and kill germs upon contact. They do not need re-application or specialized cleaning or care to perform. You can install them and get the peace of mind that they will go on working non-stop to keep your surfaces clean.

  3. Long-lasting effect: Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC and other permanent touch surfaces provide a long-lasting effect. Germs are killed upon contact and are stopped from spreading through touch.

  4. Proven to work: Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC has been extensively researched with many common disease-causing germs. Our research has also been published in several international journals. When you install Outbreaker CSC, you know that you are installing a touch surface that is research-backed and proven to work.

  5. Environment-friendly product: Outbreaker Antimicrobial CSC is 100% made of sodium chloride or common table salt. It is the same salt that is present in the sea, soil, and in our sweat. It is completely safe for you and the environment. There are no side effects that you need to worry about.


What are the areas where antimicrobial touch surfaces can be used?

Antimicrobial touch surfaces are finding unique uses to protect against the spread of germs. Different market segments can benefit from the use of antimicrobial touch surfaces.

  • Nanoparticle-based semi-permanent antimicrobial coatings are being used in the construction and textile industries, roadside construction filters, hospitality and facility services industry, amongst others.

  • Antimicrobial copper alloys are used in the healthcare and travel industries.

  • Antimicrobial CSC is a unique antimicrobial touch surface designed for internal applications. It is created by compressing table salt or sodium chloride under high pressure. The compressed salt is converted into a ceramic smooth surface that can be moulded into different shapes and sizes. Antimicrobial CSC has unique applications in different industries and includes healthcare, hospitality, transport, facility service and maintenance, government, and many others. They can also be easily integrated into existing hardware fixtures.


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