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Market Segments

Government buildings

Public spaces and community facing buildings in provincial and municipal governments see a lot of footfall. Spaces could include transit centres, public libraries, public recreation centres and swimming pools, public parks and indoor arenas. Antimicrobial CSC is research backed and can protect these spaces and the community through its fast acting effect on germs. 


Educational institutions

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions see many students in close spaces. Common spaces include classrooms, libraries, gym and games courts, music studios, locker rooms and many more. Antimicrobial CSC can help to keep your young learners safe from common germs including the flu virus. 


Facility Maintenance

Our antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces provides this market sector with an easy-to-clean, eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning and antimicrobial products. Antimicrobial CSC is passive, providing a continuous action touch surface that helps to prevent the spread of germs.



Hospitality sector needs special attention and a robust antimicrobial cleaning. Our antimicrobial CSC provides this market sector with a passive, continuous action antimicrobial touch surface that helps to prevent the spread of germs. Your staff and patrons will thank you for this eco friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning and antimicrobial products.


Quick Serve Restaurants

Quick serve restaurant chains thrive on quick and efficient service to people on-the-go. Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces help quick serve restaurant owners to maintain their efficient service without compromising on cleanliness. Besides being the world's fastest acting touch surface, antimicrobial CSC is also affordable and an passive alternative to high-maintenance products. 


Gym & Fitness Centres

Gym and fitness centres are high humidity ideal locations for bacteria, yeast and other germs to thrive. They require extensive and regular cleaning to keep them safe and compliant with regulatory bodies. Antimicrobial CSC is the world's fastest acting touch surface. It starts working in seconds and helps protect the community members from spreading germs through touch.


Wellness Centre & Spas

Spas and wellness centres need to keep themselves clean and germ-free at all times. Antimicrobial CSC can help to keep your clientele safe by giving you the peace of mind that the world's fastest acting touch surface can bring. It is research backed and starts working in seconds. It is also eco-friendly and sustainable, and has no side effects and completely environment friendly.

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Small Business Owners

Antimicrobial CSC touch surfaces provides small business owners with the peace of mind that they are helping to keep their customers safe and prevent the spread of germs through commonly touched surfaces. Antimicrobial CSC is extremely affordable, fast-acting and an excellent alternative to expensive products currently available.


Shelters and support

Caring for the vulnerable requires extra diligence. Not-for-profits provide support and services to the vulnerable, including community housing and shelter facilities. Antimicrobial CSC helps to keep these facilities and service centres safe from infection spread by acting against common disease-causing germs. It starts acting in seconds, affordable and backed by research.

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