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Outbreaker Solution's CSC door-push plates to be installed at select ETS transit stations

February 5, 2021

LRT station tunnel.jpg

Outbreaker Solutions conducts a six-month pilot project to assess CSC push plates in high-traffic areas. In the transit test project, push-plates will be installed outside doors in 10 LRT stations, with the first already mounted by the doors inside Bay/Enterprise Square station in downtown Edmonton. 

Upwards of 200,000 patients admitted to health-care facilities in Canada are affected by antimicrobial-resistant infections each year. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) alone was estimated to cost the Canadian health-care system between $54 and $110 million in 2005.

But health-care-associated infections only make up a small portion of a bigger problem, Brayden Whitlock, Director of research at Outbreaker Solutions states: “Most of the time someone gets an infection, it is not from a hospital.” Outbreaker’s most recent study finds, antimicrobial-resistant infections are expected to cost US$60 to $100 trillion and 300 million lives by 2050.

Looking forward, Outbreaker will focus on commercializing its product and forming partnerships in research, sales and distribution. Target markets will be organizations like the Edmonton Transit System, with high-traffic touch surfaces in public areas. These could include offices, schools, and health-care systems, where microbial infections are such a critical problem.





For more information, contact:

Matt Hodgson


Outbreaker Solutions


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