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Outbreaker Solutions at the frontlines of the microbial frontier

November 12, 2020

The competitive market for antimicrobial products is growing, especially since the start of the global pandemic. Inventor Doug Olsen was intrigued by the way salt could cure meats and had discovered that salt could compress into a hard, ceramic-like tile. 

This discovery led to the growth of Outbreaker Solutions, an Edmonton-based start-up currently looking for licensing partners for the patented product. “It has a lot of potential commercial implications,” says Matt Hodgson, Outbreaker’s co-founder, along with Brayden Whitlock. “It can be used for anything you touch—doorknobs, light switches. We’re seeing a lot of interest from the hospitality industry.”


This interest is likely due to Outbreaker's recent Roche Canada COVID-19 Innovation Challenge win. This grant allowed funding for testing of the product's efficacy against coronavirus.

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